Veteran Tree Management

In Britain we are lucky to have the largest concentration of ancient trees in Europe! They are an important part of our cultural, historical and environmental culture and require careful management to nurture them in their old age.  A veteran tree can benefit from processes like a reduction to root compaction, but very rarely the use of a chainsaw. 

Veteran trees provide an abundance and continuity of specialist habitats for plant, insect and animal species, particularly in relation to dead wood and deserved to be looked after. Management of Veteran Trees often involves pruning techniques which mimic natural fractures, canopy retrenchment and branch failure, these leave a natural appearance and create new habitats. 

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Diagnosis of appropriate tree care

By understanding and appreciating the complex and delicate balance surrounding the ecosystem of trees, from the form of their growth, to the roots and soil, the habitat of bats, birds, bugs and fungi, there are many elements that must be observed and understood in order to carry out the best posable treework.

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