King of the castle!

Last week the team worked on a rare high canopy Beech woodland in Hemel Hempstead. The trees were fully mature and around 30m in height, the last remnants of a mature woodland that would have stood on the site. 

A new house had been built beneath the trees. The client had a tree survey carried out after two trees failed and one fell through a garage. They had not previously been managed so there was some serious decay and deadwood to be dealt with.

We were asked to work on 16 of the trees. The added challenge beyond the height was that many of the trees were above buildings, fences and the all important satellite dish! We used technical rigging to dismantle and reduce the trees, it was quite a challenge, though you can't complain... Not many people have a view from their workplace like this! :o)

 king-of-the-castle.jpg  tug-o-war.jpgworking-high-up-in-the-canopy.jpg 

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