The Fossil Tree


We were asked to quote on a very interesting tree in a private garden! The Dawn Redwood (Metasequoia glyptostroboides) was only known from fossil records, having thought to have become extinct over 3 million years ago. It was re-discovered in China in 1941 when an unusual deciduous conifer was found. Seeds from this tree were sent to the world's main botanical gardens. 5 seedlings were grown one of which was planted at Kew Gardens. The other 4 seedlings were sent to private collections one of which is the tree you can see in the picture to your right. This tree was one of the first to be planted in this country making it one of the oldest specimens in the country. 

The old Weeping Ash to its left was spoiling the trees symmetry and beginning to collapse due to heavy decay, so we reduced the weight for the Weeping Ash and reduced it back away from the Dawn Redwood to allow it to re-gain its symmetry and allow both trees could thrive.

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